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Jack-Off Event play (by mutual consent only)

Solo Masturbation and Consensual Mutual Masturbation

Erotic and Sexy Touch

Showing Off and Enjoying the Show.

Twin-Jet, Penis to Penis Masturbation (C2C)

Frottage (Rubbing Bodies)

Oral Contact above the waist only, such as nipple play.

Kissing? Cumming on other men? Ask first, please.

No Sex  such as sucking, fucking, rimming,
fingering holes.

No Lips below the Hips.

No Means No!  Please Respect that.

First time? You are welcomed to watch ...

Please limit use of POPPERS. Most of us do not like this. If you are going to use some, please step aside or into the hall ways. Do not use right in the middle of men. Thank you.

  1. Rules  &  Guidelines