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I am going for the first time. What do I say when I go into the baths. Do I get a room? Where is this place? This is a gay bath house, right?

- That is correct. It’s a gay bath house and this sort of thing has been around for well over 60 years. The baths call Spa SX is  located at 105 Carlton Street, Toronto. This is between Church and Jarvis on the south side. The closest Subway stop is College and you catch the 506 Street car going east. Get off two stops later at Jarvis. You will see Golden Diner eatery as you walk to it and above it is the baths. It is a Wooden Brown door with 105 on it. When you go in, I always recommend for first timers, to ask for a locker downstairs. We will do the group jacks downstairs in the locker area. It is semi private. This way you can get undressed and be right there with the group.
You can keep your towel in the locker and lock up. ALWAYS Keep your KEY on you. Never put it down and leave it somewhere. What some of us do is wrap it around our leg so we don’t sound like jingle bells when we start jacking if wrapped around your arm. Showers are there or up one level. You can get a new clean towel if needed. When in the group it is best to be naked or in your underwear if you are not going to be doing much as it’s your first time. Staying in your clothes is going to look funny when we all are naked.  Please no heavy shoes or runners as we do step on each other’s feet. Flip flops are fine. I wear them.

How Much does this Event Cost?  
- $15 before 1pm. $20 after. You get a locker with key, towels & showers.

Do we just jack ourselves while there?
- You can but you can also jack other men or two. You can do anything that involves jacking of our cocks and if he consents. Some do balls play and nipples.  You can rub his chest, stomach, legs and arms too.  You can also do Frottage. Explained below in the picture.
No Ass play at all. No Fingering the hole. Or you will be asked to leave.

How do I register to go?
- There is no registration nor fee to join. Just pay for locker and join us.

It’s not very private and other men joins in. Are they part of the group?
-Sometimes they are, other times, they hear the announcement of our event and men get curious and joins us. We get new men willing to come back again and again that way.

Where is the Albolene? Why Coconut Oil?
- Coconut oil is just as good and slick so we will be using this for awhile to see how it goes. Much cheaper too and easier to get than Albolene in the USA.

How Many Men Go?
- Usually is about 15 -20. Somes times 25

What is the age range of the men?
- Usually 35 to 60. Some men under 30 and over 60 go.

Who Goes to these events?
- I do not know as I never ask for their names.

I am kinda nervous. Can I just watch?
- Yes, you can watch.

If I meet a man I like can I have sex?
- No. This is a masturbation event only. You both can leave if you both agree on that if you wish to do more.

Sometimes I would love to kiss.
- That is not a problem but please ask or go slow so as some men are not into kissing.

I do not like to go to the baths.
Why don’t you host at your place?
- It is way too much trouble to do that. The baths makes it easy for men to check their clothes themselves and join. Showers available too.  Otherwise with lockers at this place is under $20. At my place,  I would be charging $20-25  per person. 

I could not get an erection at all.
I had an erection & jacking but suddenly lost it.
- This is very normal especially for the first time going.
Do not take this personally. You are adjusting to a new situation. You are not masturbating in bed. Give this time. However, you can jack other men.  Other men will still enjoy stroking and touching your cock.

Where do we cum?
-We can cum on each other as many men like that or in your hand or his hand. Do ask before cumming on other man/men. Some do not like that.

Most men do not like poppers, so please do not use it in that tight space. If you need it go in the hallway. Do not bring stuff you do not need for the group, ie cigarettes, phones etc.  You may be asked to leave.

No Means No!  Please Respect that.

First time? You are welcomed to watch ...

What is frottage?

Rubbing of two Penises together. The sensation is amazing. We can also rub our balls together too or rub your penis on the other man’s balls.  Please ask before cumming on him when doing this.

  1. FAQ