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The dates for the next many Jacking Events are:

Below is all at Noon

March 20 Wednesday

April 9 Tuesday

April 24 Wednesday

May 7 Tuesday

May 22 Wednesday

June 4 Tuesday

After work special is on Tuesday June 18 at 5 PM.

When we start at noon, we will be going for awhile. If you cannot get there til 12:30 pm due to leaving work, that is not a problem. We always keep jacking til all the men are finished. However, usually later at 2pm, we are finished & gone, therefore,   Please try your best to show up before 1pm.

When arriving at the baths, there is a poster right there where you get your towel, check the location of where we are.  Usually we are in the basement, as there is room there.  I am planning on gatherings in the patio, weather permitting during the summer, after we gather in the basement. We had one small one on the patio in July after the main one and it was fun!

The event is held at Spa SX at 105 Carlton Street, Toronto.

This is between Church and Jarvis.


Ask for locker near the Area as that is where we will be doing the jacking.

For example if in the basement, get a locker there, so you are near by. Then next time you can decide if you wish to get a locker in the basement or 2nd Floor.

Sometimes we use Albolene, but lately we have been using Coconut Oil. It is just as good and slick and much much cheaper. Easier to get too!

Bring some bottled water if you think you will be thirsty and any snacks if you wish.

There is a bar on the main level.

We sometime have a drink and social after.

  1. Dates & Making Plans to go